Glockengold Fruchtsaft AG is quartered in Laucha/Unstrut, in the south of Saxony-Anhalt, between Thuringia and Saxony, in the middle of nature park Saale-Unstrut-Triasland. This more than thousand year old cultural landscape is characterized by forests, river floodplains, scenic vineyards and meadows with scattered fruit trees. In this large wine growing region of 680-hectares there thrive more than thirty different wine grape sorts, which are handled in more than forty vineyards located in this area.

The Goseck sun observatory, built in about 4800 BC and the discovery of the world famous Nebra sky disc indicate along with medieval castles, monasteries and historical city centers the former importance of this region for the German and European history.

The designation “Bell city” owes Laucha to the former Bell foundry Ulrich where bells were poured from 1732 to 1911. Since 1932 the Bell foundry offers insight into history and work techniques of foundry trade, already described in Friedrich Schiller´s Song of the bell.